yoga explained and detailed

Through the 80 cards offered, learn yoga and perfect your practice in a simple and way.

detailed explanations to practice each posture and find the correct alignments are provided to you as well as information on the benefits that each posture brings for the body and mind.

The level of difficulty and the name of the posture in French & Sanskrit of each posture are also mentioned.

yoga that suits you

Express your creativity and create the yoga that suits you . A unique yoga , adapted to your desires and needs. Listen to yourself and do yourself good. Creativity is your only limit! Or, improvise and let yourself be surprised by the cards. Find inspiration and change your routines.

Either way, try ! Free your guilt ! Dare ! Free yourself! Let go!

I want some

yoga for all levels

YOGASANA is for everyone interested in yoga, regardless of your level.

Beginner yogis : Introduce yourself to yoga at your own pace and learn with confidence to practice the postures correctly, without hurting yourself. Confirmed yogis : challenge yourself with a new support in a fun and inspiring format. Yoga teachers: Use the cards as a teaching aid and adopt a new teaching method.

Whatever your level, listen to yourself and adapt your practice according to your needs.

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"Besides the fact that I will be able to take it everywhere on vacation to practice, I am delighted by its quality. It is a very beautiful object, very well designed, clever, and plus absolutely lovely. I'm a fan !! "



"I didn't expect such quality, congrats! It should be included in every yoga training"

Mathilde, yoga teacher


The cards are really beautiful and everything is super well explained. I now have a great sequencing tool, can't wait to do sessions! THANKS "